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37 Millard Avenue
Masterton, Wairarapa
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Monday - Saturday
By Appointment


    21 August at 14:54 from atlas


    Expect  to be Nurtured

    As women, sometimes we don`t get a chance to nurture ourselves.  A Goddess Playshop is a warm and nurturing sanctuary where you`ll be guided every step of the way to connect with the goddess within.

    Expect to be Pampered

    Your time at a Goddess Playshop is all abour YOU - you`ll play with essential oils, be showered with gifts and flooded with positive feelings about the amazing woman you are.

    Expect to be Inspired

    Fun games and activities help you find and empower your inner Goddess and reach heights you never thought possible. You`ll share stories and open your soul and leave feeling loved, inspired and totally invincible!

    Every woman is different - so every Goddess Playshop is its own unique experience, shaped by each beautiful and unique woman in the group. However, every experience includes:

    * A chakra-balancing session -  which helps to release and clear obstacles in your life

    * An Inner Goddess Tour - to connect with your Goddess Guide and receive her messages

    * Angel Whispers - to uplift and inspire your Goddess self

    * Mini - Readings - to open your intuition

    * A Goddess At Play Journal valued at $15 - to record your ongoing explorations

    * 100% pure essential oils - to assist in balancing your energy

    * Lots of pampering, soul - sharing and FUN -  because life is about FUN!!!

    * A special  "GODDESS GIFT" received after the Playshop -  and we all love and deserve gifts !

    Our `Original` Goddess Playshop runs for 3 hours and I am now running regular OPEN Goddess Playshops at my home in Masterton. Please check out my events calender for dates of OPEN Playshops coming up soon and email or phone me to register.

    Of course you can always HOST your own Goddess Playshop too.

    "If you feel you are only functioning from the eyebrows up, get thee to a Goddess Playshop"


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