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  • What Is Reiki?

    REIKI is a Japanese word pronounced  `Ray Key' and it is a combination word that combines two forms of energy.

    REI- means UNIVERSAL. It can be understood as a spiritual energy the `all knowing' or Source.

    KI - means LIFE FORCE. It is energy that moves around & through everything including our bodies.

    REIKI is the channelling of a non physical, high vibrational healing energy to oneself or others through the hands, which is often experienced as heat, coolness or tingling.

    REIKI is an entirely safe and natural form of healing & it can be applied to self, others, plants and animals.

    REIKI helps reduce stress by moving beyond superficial symptoms to treat the core cause of any problem by addressing it on all levels - spiritual, emotional, mental & physical. As the body has its own intelligence it directs the energy to where it is needed.

    REIKI is acquired at a seminar during which the student receives attunements from the Reiki Master. Once a student has been attuned with the Reiki energy they have access to it for the rest of their lives.

    REIKI is not a religion, cult or organisation.


    If you are feeling stressed, unwell, tired, unsure of where to go next or just out of sorts, you should consider having a Reiki healing.

    I am an experienced Reiki practitioner, working in Reiki healing for over ten years, dealing with the underlying causes of problems to clear emotional blocks which create dis-ease & distress.

    * Balancing body, mind & spirit

    * Great relief from physical pain

    * Deeply relaxing

    * Chakra balancing

    * Energy clearing & balancing

    * Intuitive / Spiritual messages & guidance

    COST: $40 per healing

    Each Reiki healing is different but generally between 1 & 1.5 hours long.


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